How to Earn Over 100k Monthly from VTU Business

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Smart Way on How to Own a VTU Website in Nigeria

Are you interested in becoming your own boss and making huge profits? Here's your chance to own a professional VTU website to resell a variety of products:

Products You Can Resell:


Website Availability

Your website will be ready within a timeframe of 5 days to 2 weeks from the date the deal is struck, subject to workload and other circumstances.

Requirements/Things to Supply for Website Creation:

Sample Website:

Your website will have a design similar to This design is utilized for our Affiliate/Partner Websites and is built using the latest technology. Feel free to check it out.

Additional Features for Your VTU Website

Enhance Your Website with the Following Features:

Products Cost Prices

As a website owner, your supply prices (cost prices) for the products will be based on our current prices for API users. You can then set your own prices on your website's Admin Panel (Backend).

Privacy and Conditions

Your privacy and data security are of utmost importance:

Website Cost/Price (Promo)

Get your own VTU website for the special promo price of N15,000 only. This all-inclusive package covers:

For your convenience, you only need to make an initial payment of N10,500 (70% of the total cost) as the first installment. The remaining 30% (N4500) can be paid after the completion of the website.

Don't miss out on this limited-time offer to establish your own online business presence!

If you're ready to start or have questions, reach us at: | Whatsapp Us

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How you make Money from Getting a VTU Portal of your own

You will make money from AirtimeVTU Sale 
You will make money from Data Sale
-You will make money from Bill payment